Promoting Education for Sustainable Development with an Interactive Digital Learning Companion Students Use to Perform Collaborative Phosphorus Recovery Experiments and Reporting

Seibert, Johann; Schmoll, Isabel; Kay, Christopher W. M.;
Pädagogische Hochschule Thurgau
Huwer, Johannes

Multitouch learning books (MLBs) are learning companions that support learning within a series, independent of the learning location. These MLBs can accompany an experiment itself or an entire learning process. In addition to providing interactive tasks, an all-in-one solution can provide pupils with additional information, supporting and differentiating aids, in-depth exercises, and collaborative tasks in one location. This Article presents an interactive learning companion that facilitates student learning through digital interaction while also developing concepts of sustainability in students’ minds. For this purpose, a learning scenario was developed that simulates a virtual learning company in an interactive e-book that corresponds to real experiments carried out in a laboratory. Using this interactive e-book, pupils receive e-mail messages from their “supervisors,” give account to the “board of directors,” and finally evaluate four real processes for phosphorus recovery. The entire series was qualitatively tested with 89 tenth-grade students. Assessment of these students found a significant increase in their use and understanding of digital tools and awareness of education for sustainable development concepts.


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