Promotion of Transformative Education for Sustainability with ICT in Real-life Contexts

Thyssen, Christoph;
Pädagogische Hochschule Thurgau
Huwer, Johannes

Education for sustainable development (ESD) needs transformation of individual perspectives and positions. Change in behavior is linked to the need of change in attitudes and perceived behavioral control. Therefore, transformative education for sustainability should operate learning scenarios which enable students to develop practical problem-solving skills in relevant real-life sustainability contexts with the possibility to gain first-hand experiences and authentic impressions. In formal and non-formal education, authentic contexts of sustainability often come, however, along with corresponding challenges, e.g. high levels of abstraction. Derived from findings concerning the effectiveness and results of projects in the field, it is suggested that specific media and pedagogies can help promoting ESD in authentic learning contexts. The exploration of real world scenarios supported by ICT is one possible solution to reduce abstractness and complexity of the context. It can help to make further tools, e.g. for data collection, available and to overcome geographical and emotional distances. The implementation of ICT with different functions in the educational learning process is promising to make ESD more effective. Selected examples to allow ICT supporting transformative education for sustainability are discussed in this chapter.


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