Kooperation und Vernetzung im Bereich Frühe Hilfen und Kinderschutz : Bedeutung evidenz-basierter Methoden

Cooperation and Networking in Early Prevention and Intervention and Child Protection: The Importance of Evidence-Based Methods Prevention, intervention and child protection in early childhood essentially need well-established interdisciplinary systematic networking. Individual, heterogeneous and complex needs of families cannot be met by one profession alone. Successful cooperation of various institutions and professions is based on fixed arrangements and cooperation pathways. Networking has to be systematically established in everyday routine to be able to work in difficult emergency cases of child protection. Only well established cooperation is experienced as a support for the participants of the network and not as an additional complication. Prerequisite for such a development of favorable conditions is an evidence-based knowledge of the impact of different structures of cooperation, relations and conditions. This requires data collection with the aim of further empirically based development of local network structures. Three tools for such surveys have been developed and tested in the field.


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