Understanding-Oriented Mathematics Instruction using the Example of Solving a Word Problem

Pädagogische Hochschule Thurgau
Brunner, Esther; Pauli, Christine; Reusser, Kurt

In the framework of the Swiss-German study “Quality of instruction, learning behaviour and mathematical understanding” (Klieme et al. Dokumentation der Erhebungs- und Auswertungsinstrumente zur schweizerisch-deutschen Videostudie ,Unterrichtsqualität, Lernverhalten und mathematisches Verständnis‘, Vols. 13–15, Chaps. 1–3, 2005, 2006a, 2006b), using the example of a word problem, it was examined in 37 classes how teachers support the problem-solving process in classroom instruction from a subject-based and communicative perspective. To this aim, an analysis instrument was developed which describes both content-related aspects of the problem-solving process and the students’ participation in this regard. A central part of the instrument measures the extent to which understanding on the level of a situation model and/or a mathematical model is explicitly addressed. The results highlight that the individual teachers differ in terms of the type of their support behaviour during the modelling process, and they can be categorised into different profiles of understanding-oriented and didactically supportive handling of a word problem in classroom instruction.



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